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Johnson County 911 Report

01/16/2008 - Monday, Jan. 7

1:22 a.m.: Accident, no injuries: White Jeep versus Nissan, back parking lot, Carl D. Perkins Rehab Center.

8:30: Animal complaint: Advised a dog at a residence looks like it's being neglected and not fed, Baker Branch.

9:52: Accident with injuries: Two-vehicle, Court Street.

12:06 p.m.: Advised there is a male subject lying on the side of the road near Hilltop, U.S. 23.

12:40: Advised there is a truck there that the escort people won't let through and he is trying to run over them, Rt. 40 W.

12:44: Theft complaint: Advised a trailer hitch was stolen off his truck last week, possibly at Wal-Mart.

1:29: Drug complaint: Mouth of Boyd Branch.

2:07: Advised he is in a black Blazer and is being followed by an older blue S-10, Euclid Ave.

3:03: Request officer in reference to she hears a child crying in an abandoned residence, Highland Ave.

3:18: Advised of possible intoxicated male subject on a red Honda Foreman four-wheeler with beer strapped to it, Spring Knob Road.

4:08: Burglary, unknown when: Request officer in reference to his basement has been broken into and has broken the water line, numerous items are missing, Chet Tackett Hollow.

4:38: Criminal mischief: Car has been vandalized, Depot Road.

6:50: Information call: Advised be on the lookout for a 2006-07 Chevy truck occupied by two males, one wearing camoflauge clothing carrying a black duffle bag, possible subject in armed robbery.

7:10: Trespassing complaint: Request officer to lot in reference to the manager has advised a residence has been broken into and they're having a party, also juveniles in residence, Twin Hills Mobile Home Park.

7:25: Advised of lots of mud on the roadway in front of Crace's Wrecker Service, advised he almost lost control of his truck, Island Creek Road.

9:17: Domestic complaint: Request officer in reference to he has been assaulted by his wife and is bleeding from the head where she hit him with a flashlight, Lindy Branch.

11:03: Loud music/noise complaint: Bear Hollow.

11:57: Reckless driving complaint: Advised a white car tried to run them off the roadway, Johnson County.

Tuesday, Jan. 8

1:43 a.m.: Suspicious person/vehicle: Van just turned in caller's driveway; advised a man got out of the vehicle then got back in after staggering around; mid-90 model van, two-tone blue, Jennifer Drive.

3:05: Prowler complaint: Advised she saw someone outside her residence next to Fannin's Trading Post; advised the subject was running back toward Boons Camp, Rt. 40 E.

6:21: Animal complaint: Advised a deer had been hit and was still alive just past Rainbow Homes, Rt. 321.

9:12: Road hazard: Advised of a block of wood lying in the middle of the roadway around the Riceville exit, Rt. 23.

11:33: Lawrence County advised of a driver speeding and all over the road, will be a gray Jeep Liberty.

12:10 p.m.: Accident, no injuries: Budget Truck Rental, Third Street.

12:35: Reckless driving complaint: Older model white van, U.S. 23 southbound.

12:47: Request officer in reference to a subject giving him problems, will be a white Toyota with a wheelchair lift in the back, Mayo Plaza.

1:04: Request officer in reference to her grandson's friend stole her scissors and his friend left his SS card on her bar and won't come to get it, afraid they'll cause her trouble, N. Clay Ave.

1:29: Road hazard: Advised of a tree blocking the roadway just past Stone Coal, has one lane blocked, Rt. 172.

1:32: Shots fired: Advised there was a gunshot outside her front door up Rt. 580, head of Pickle Fork.

2:09: Fire: Advised of dump truck on fire in front of John Gray's on the main road.

2:22: Assault: Advised she has been assaulted by her daughter, Preston Street.

3:21: Accident with injuries: Richmond Hill.

6:15: Advised her son's grandparents are sitting in front of her house, request officer, Jefferson Ave.

7:20: Gas drive-off: Davis Produce.

7:37: Burglary in progress: Rt. 302.

7:38: Animal complaint: Rt. 40 before Kestner's Body Shop.

8:11: Theft complaint: S. Mayo Trail.

8:18: Fire: Advised of possible forest fire behind Perry Vanhoose Apts., Williams Branch.

8:30: Theft complaint: Advised his wallet was stolen, Patterson Creek.

9:49: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 201.

11:07: Suspicious individual on scene: Male subject around her residence, Upper Street.

Wednesday, Jan. 9

2:52 a.m.: Theft complaint: Advised a white Chevy truck went by her residence with no lights on, Rt. 201.

4:23: Road hazard: Advised there was a tree in the road at the 2 1/2 mile marker behind Oil Springs School, Rt. 1409.

7:11: Public drunk: Request officer in reference to a male subject in the parking lot screaming and also beating on doors, Jefferson Ave.

8:28: Advised of possibly intoxicated subject in a blue Ford Ranger coming down Starfire Hill all over the roadway.

8:49: Burglary, unknown when: Premiere Motors.

9:56: Fire: Residence on fire by Hilltop Market, smoke coming from the garage.

12:03 p.m.: Theft of vehicle: Request officer in reference to somebody got into his truck and left, Ponderosa Drive.

12:59: Request officer in reference to two males passed out in the second bay in a silver Mazda, Rt. 2039.

2:07: Accident, no injuries: Euclid Ave.

2:15: Advised a helicopter was possibly having problems around the Hidden Valley Road area, real low.

4:03: Vehicle in the ditch on Rt. 172 past Cannon Chapel Church.

4:35: Reckless driving complaint: White GMC truck with black cover all over the road, U.S. 23 S.

4:40: Gas drive-off: Black Ford Escort drove off from APPCO with $32.02 gas, Lawrence Co.

4:54: Domestic complaint: Advised female was on the ground screaming and a male subject dragged her to the house, Combs Drive.

5:25: Animal complaint: Advised a deer had been hit around the prison on Rt. 3, Martin Co. notified.

5:48: Reckless driving complaint: Rusty orange Camaro around the 8 mm on Rt. 201.

5:58: Subject requests officer call: Advised her daughter's ex-boyfriend has blocked her vehicle in again and she wants to get a warrant on him, Lower Twin Branch.

6:18: Advised there was a white Dodge truck in the middle of the road on Miller's Creek with it's lights on bright and people gathered, before Webb's Grocery.

7:20: Gas drive-off: Tan Blazer with blonde female driver, hair in a ponytail and a dog in the vehicle, drove off with $30.01, Euclid Ave.

7:37: Attempt to locate: Be on the lookout for a red Chevy Cobalt, vehicle may have been repoed, Rt. 3.

7:58: Fire: Advised there was a transformer sparking between two trailers, Rt. 40 W.

8:24: Deer has been hit but still alive, needs to be put down, West Dorton Blvd.

9:04: Extra patrol: Rt. 3224.

9:47: Road hazard: Advised a deer had been hit and was still alive flopping around, Rt. 40 E.

Thursday, Jan. 10

10:48 a.m.: Advised of white Ford Explorer sitting beside the road with emergency lights on and a male subject with his head against the window, Rt. 23.

12:07 p.m.: Accident, no injuries: In front of Jones and Preston, 10th Street.

2:16: Accident, no injuries: Advised at the Jenny Wiley Road on Rt. 172 there's a truck in the ditch still running, nobody around the vehicle.

3:23: Accident, no injuries: Behind Family Food World.

3:41: Theft complaint: Advised his brother's trailer was stolen last night, request an officer, Rt. 201.

4:51: Advised a tree was laying on some lines, no sparking or anything, just before McKenzie Addition.

4:59: Extra patrol: Reference to someone trying to steal gas out of vehicles, Witten Lane.

5:12: Extra patrol: Kite Hollow.

5:40: Advised the neighbor is blocking the roadway to where he can't get to his residence, advised they have a backhoe blocking it now, Millers Creek.

5:59: Extra patrol: Boyd Branch/Silk Stocking Road.

6:01: Shoplifting: Advised her manager has a subject in custody for shoplifting, S. Mayo Trail.

6:06: Subject requests officer call: Reference to someone had stolen their trailer that they haul four-wheelers on and they know who took it, Boyd Branch.

6:14: Subject requests officer call: Advised he wanted to speak to an officer in reference to the road being blocked, Millers Creek.

7:33: Subject requests officer call: Reference to reporting his dog missing.

7:33: Advised her landlord came over there and threatened her, Thelma area.

8:11: Accident with injuries: Two-vehicle head-on collision in front of Kirk Law Office.

9:01: Road hazard: Advised there is a tree limb across the road, Depot Road.

9:47: Accident, no injuries: Vehicle in the grass, Rt. 321.

10:13: Advised someone had tried to break into her house in Martin Co., transferred to Post, Trace Fork.

Friday, Jan. 11

12:23 a.m.: Armed/strong arm robbery: Advised a subject just robbed her and stole her cell phone, Main Street.

12:41: Suspicious person/vehicle: Someone shining a flashlight inside the window and nobody living there, Horseshoe Street.

1:06: Public drunk: Advised there was a female in the store intoxicated and falling all over the place, N. Mayo Trail.

1:18: Reference to seeing a light approx. 1/2 on Davis Branch, unknown if it is a vehicle or what it was, but it was unusual, Rt. 1107.

2:35: Extra patrol: Advised someone tried to open her back door, requests extra patrol, Hitchcock Loop.

7:04: Brush fire: Advised there is a small fire behind he airport, afraid it will spread with the strong winds.

7:44: Road hazard: Advised of tree partially in roadway just past Boyd Branch on Rt. 581.

8:23: Animal complaint: Advised a male subject was starving his horse, up Noisy Branch forks of the road, Keaton.

8:40: Animal complaint: Advised a deer has been hit and is still alive, just before the Rt. 580 turn-off, Rt. 40 W.

10:26: Advised she smells wires burning, request F.D. to come and check it out, Buskirk Drive.

12:30 p.m.: Accident, no injuries: Request officer in reference to she has hit a deer before the Hager Hill turn-off.

12:43: Reckless driving complaint: Gray car coming down Starfire Hill into Paintsville, has ran two other cars off the roadway.

1:00: Information call: Advised the gray car was in the front parking lot of JCHS, Rt. 321.

3:18: Request officer in reference to a male and female in his office possibly intoxicated, also has a small child with them, Broadway Street.

4:04: Subject requests officer call: Advised her life has been threatened because she had reported some drug dealers and now her life has been threatened, advised of knife stuck in the ground, Rt. 689 E.

4:34: Caller from Wal-Mart requests officer in reference to a male subject with a hood walking around looking into people's cars, N. Mayo Trail.

4:48: Request officer in reference to a male subject intoxicated inside the store, N. Mayo Trail.

5:04: Accident, no injuries: Entrance to Stone Coal roadway blocked, Rt. 172.

6:29: Advised they were robbed last date and just discovered it, advised they wanted KSP, Rt. 1750.

6:57: Giovanni's delivery driver needs to speak with a deputy in reference to a bad check for a pizza, Lively Lane.

7:43: Burglary, unknown when: Chestnut Road.

7:53: Theft complaint: Hidden Valley Road.

8:08: Kids trying to get into vehicles, Preston Street.

10:58: Reckless driving complaint: Light green Mitzubishi Spider convertible all over the road and on and off the roadway, Rt. 321.

11:23: Prowler complaint: Coleman Branch.

11:59: Extra patrol: Gerald Carr Road.

Saturday, Jan. 12

12:23 a.m.: Hit and run: Reference to hit and run seen by eyewitness.

12:30: Loud music/noise complaint: Pine Street.

12:36: Attempt to locate: Late 90s or 2000 model green Kia, tinted windows, involved in hit and run on F.M. Stafford Ave.

1:09: Suspicious person/vehicle: Advised there was an S-10 truck went in and out of her road which is a dead end, then did it again slowly, then pulled into the bookstore parking lot, Rt. 302.

1:13: Domestic complaint: Advised his mother and father were arguing and throwing and breaking things, River Road.

4:05: Theft complaint: Requests officer in reference to something stolen out of her car, TNT.

6:23: Domestic complaint: Advised her husband has beaten her up, requests officer meet her, Rt. 302.

8:51: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 201.

12:35 p.m.: Gas leak/strong smell: Greentown Loop.

12:52: Burglary, unknown when: Martin's Peterbilt of East Kentucky.

1:23: Accident, no injuries: Save-A-Lot.

1:53: Accident, no injuries: Two-vehicle, Food City.

5:32: Subject requests officer call: Reference to stolen trailer, Lawrence Co.

5:50: ATV complaint on highway: Four-wheeler running up and down U.S. 23 below Hilltop Market in the Nippa area.

5:59: Extra patrol: Thealka Park.

6:30: Two-year-old child standing in yellow Pontiac, looks like its spray painted, Rt. 40.

7:55: Caller called and was rude, asking if he stabbed someone if dispatch would send an officer and dispatch advised him they would. When he was asked what was going on, he advised he wanted an officer, Rt. 1750.

8:42: Missing person: Advised her daughter went to stay with a friend last date and hasn't returned home, Baker Branch.

8:46: Reckless driving complaint: Advised of a white Grand Prix swerving all over the roadway, Rt. 1428.

8:56: Reckless driving complaint: Car traveling southbound in the northbound lane, passing W.R. Castle F.D., U.S. 23.

9:22: Prowler complaint: Advised someone was outside her residence and pecking on the window with a flashlight and there was a gray vehicle in her driveway, Rt. 1750.

10:30: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 1107.

10:59: Trespassing complaint: Advised an ATV had broken the gate down, Caudill Branch.

Sunday, Jan. 13

12:59 a.m.: Extra patrol: Reference to a brown or red truck sitting in the driveway on and off all evening, Buskirk Drive.

1:18: Prowler complaint: Request officer in reference to a prowler knocking on his windows, Auxier Ave.

2:49: Subjects on skateboards horse playing, Main Street area of Sipp Theatre.

9:10: Accident, no injuries: Advised of a white station wagon on its side in the creek, has been there awhile, Bob's Branch.

4:32 p.m.: Reckless driving complaint: Little red and black car, possibly a Mazda, flying up and down the road, Little Mud Lick.

4:54: Animal complaint: Dog hit around the mouth of Island Creek, dog is still alive trying to get out of the road, Rt. 40 E.

5:08: Advised a subject threatened to kill a female at Buckingham Ave. & West; advised he is drinking and possibly on drugs.

8:10: Road hazard: Advised of a mattress in the northbound lane around W.R. Castle F.D.

9:12: Road hazard: Reference to a huge pine tree across the road, Butcher Hollow.

9:33: Reference to possible counterfeit $20 bill, Hardee's of Paintsville.

11:45: Animal complaint: Advised she had hit a bobcat, U.S. 23 N/Rt. 1428.

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