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Cloned cows and abortion

01/23/2008 - Today while driving to work and listening to the radio, I heard someone make a unique comment in regards to abortion. They said that when a woman is happy to be pregnant, she is carrying a baby but when they don't want it, it becomes a fetus. I found this statement to be very profound because I too believe that we tend to distance ourselves from things for which we do not want to feel responsible. Again I have to ask where we are going in this world. We are destroying ourselves and literally killing our future.

The same lady spoke about doctors who perform abortions. She said that she wondered how they could live with themselves. I too wonder how the individuals who are assisting women with obtaining abortions can stand to sleep at night. It does not matter whether you believe a baby is truly human (soul and all) once it is born or when it is conceived; these people are helping to remove life from this world. It is pretty simple really; the embryo is alive and multiplying one second and dead the next.

I think that it is very sad when we live in a world that sends men to prison for years for owning dogs for the purpose of fighting them but looks the other way when human life is smashed out of existence before it is given a chance. It is sad that we treat the rights and lives of animals with more respect than the life of our own future.

Speaking of animals, I have heard on the news that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ruled that it is safe to eat cloned animals. The process to bring a cloned steak to the table involves taking a cell from a steer and combining it with an egg from a cow, add a little laboratory lovin, and a nice warm host cow womb for growth and bingo, you have a newly cloned calf for the choppin. According to an article in the USA Today by Elizabeth Weise, called Foes decry clone ruling, "Animal rights groups argue that cloning is cruel because it works only in a small percentage of attempts and is stressful for the animals involved."

I wonder if these animal rights activist are for, or against abortion. I have not researched it but I know that I see a LOT of issues regarding animal rights. Don't get me wrong, I believe that animals need to be treated with respect. I respect any bull that could potentially charge at me, any snake that could bite me yes, animals truly deserve to be given rights to live without being tortured or killed. However, in the broad scheme of things, I believe that animals were put on this earth for a reason, to sustain man.

Horses are here to work for us, cows and chickens are here to feed us, and dogs are here to provide no-talk-back companionship and usually to calm and help humans. They are here for us but we do not need to treat them better than the value of a human life. If cloning is cruel and stresses animals out, think about what abortion does to the pregnant women and their families!

Do humans really want to eat cloned cow? Well, it doesn't matter if there are no humans around to eat it now does it.

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