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Property Transfers

01/30/2008 - Lawrence County

To Mark and Sandy Riddle from Robert Kirk.

To Stanley and Linda Wright from Betty Webb.

To Sandra Bowling, Tracy Murry and Stacy Hackney from John and Rosenna Boggs.

To Amanda Hall and Brandy Daniel from John and Rosenna Boggs.

To Rebecca Young and Brenton Young from John and Rosenna Young.

To John David Preston from Angela and Richard Brackett.

To Raymond and Elizabeth Dixon from Keith and Loretta Workman.

To Teresa and Jimmy Cline from Kenneth and Eloise Beck.

To Mary Perkins and Lonnie Spillman from Gladys Vanhorn.


Martin County

To James Scott Cline, Nora Elizabeth Takacs, Arthur Edgel Maynard and Mary Ann Mattison from Ruth Cline.

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