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Johnson County 911 Report

01/30/2008 - Monday, Jan. 21

12:53 a.m.: Information call: Advised of a car on fire in Floyd County, units are en route.

10:22: Theft complaint: Advised someone stole a Lexington Herald from his vehicle at Wal-Mart.

10:43: Animal complaint: Lake Road.

1:42 p.m.: Advised her pipes had broken and she needed someone to come and turn her water off, Southside Lane.

6:27: Advised of a scam she received, advised her to contact Pikeville Post, Shady Lane.

6:45: Juvenile complaint: Request officer in reference to a 14-year-old juvenile staying with a 20-year-old male, West Van Lear.

7:38: Request officer in reference to a male subject cussed her out while she was waiting for a handicap spot, N. Mayo Trail.

8:27: Loud music/noise complaint: Request officer in reference to a loud disturbance in the apartment above him, so loud it's shaking the chandelier, Seventh Street.

9:18: Fire: Advised of transformer on fire, Oaklawn Estates.

10:46: Request officer in reference to a four-wheeler accident that occurred on private property, James S. Trimble Blvd.

Tuesday, Jan. 22

1:28 a.m.: Overdose: Male subject wanting to do harm to himself, had taken drugs and shot up drugs, Airport Road.

8:02: Advised of possible intoxicated subject in a black S-10, male occupant; has hit the American Standard bridge a couple of times, Rt. 321 S.

8:24: Accident, no injuries: Yellow Mustang spun out and in the grass just past Grimm Hollow.

8:51: Animal complaint: Dead deer in the middle of the road just past Rt. 1559 turn-off.

9:04: Accident, no injuries: Entrance to the Thelma turn-off, Rt. 40 E.

9:06: Accident, no injuries: Just inside the Johnson County line, request she be checked out due to being pregnant, Rt. 460.

9:24: Accident, no injuries: In front of Ferrell Gas, Rt. 321.

9:41: Accident with injuries: In front of Rockhouse Church, Rt. 460.

9:48: Accident with injuries: Apple Valley Sanitation.

10:54: Accident, no injuries: Just before the double tracks, Rt. 581.

11:10: Fire: S. Buckingham Ave.

12:46 p.m.: Attempt to locate: Red S-10, black tinted windows, went toward Rt. 321.

12:47: Accident, no injuries: S.O. received the call.

2:26: Advised he had spoken to his daughter and two guys had tried to steal his four-wheeler trailer from her residence, advised they took off, Rt. 1559.

3:31: Fire: Rt. 40 west, county line.

7:36: Theft complaint: Hidden Valley Road.

9:21: Extra patrol request: Thealka Park.

Wednesday, Jan. 23

2:34 a.m.: Accident with injuries: Units en route to Magoffin County line in reference to accident with injuries.

3:33: DUI complaint: Advised a subject in a blue and gray Ford Ranger was leaving Combs Drive intoxicated at this time headed toward the Meally area, Sixth Street.

7:14: Reference to accident that occurred this date around Oil Springs, James S. Trimble Blvd.

7:52: Advised of truck in ditch, reference to subjects in the E.R., U.S. 460.

11:03: Advised of light blue Toyota Camry driving on the wrong side of the roadway coming toward Paintsville.

12:12 p.m.: Accident, no injuries: Wal-Mart, row 10.

3:11: Loud music/noise complaint: Male subject in apartment cussing and yelling, Main Street.

3:27: Reckless driving complaint: Advised a Jeep almost hit her, is at Mayo Plaza at this time.

3:49: Advised of female walking in the middle of Rt. 321, looks disoriented, Rt. 321/460.

3:57: Female trying to get into people's cars and walking in the middle of the road, N. Mayo Trail.

4:21: Drug complaint: Red Ford pickup with a white camper top and male and female in vehicle with a smell of drugs coming from vehicle, Fazoli's parking lot.

4:44: Red Ford with black bottom color and black camper top, Burger King parking lot.

5:31: Reckless driving complaint: Advised a teal green Cavalier with a broken back window with tape on it about hit her, Broadway Street.

5:56: Reckless driving complaint: Call from Lawrence County, vehicle is traveling U.S. 23 S.

6:03: Domestic complaint: Advised she has been in a domestic, requests help, Rt. 201.

7:16: Hilltop Market caller advised she had someone buy gas and couldn't pay for it and was just standing in the store, U.S. 23 N.

9:17: Prowler complaint: Advised she heard a loud noise coming from the back of her residence, Upper Street.

9:39: Extra patrol: Thealka Park.

10:12: Blue extended cab S-10 went by and earlier the vehicle was on the front row with its lights on, didn't know if it was a dealer car or not, Jerry Brown's lot.

Thursday, Jan. 24

10:00 a.m.: Advised of black male in an orange jumpsuit walking toward Rt. 1107, request he be checked out.

11:51: Request officer come out and check a vehicle with nobody in or around it, Picky Fort Road, Rt. 40.

1:32 p.m.: Gas drive-off: Older blue Crown Victoria, Family Mart.

2:34: Hit and run: Rt. 40 behind JCHS.

3:29: Subject requests officer call: Female calling and harassing her and her daughter, Hidden Valley Road.

4:14: Advised there is a traffic light twisted facing Wendy's, advised it causing people to get confused, Rt. 321.

4:35: Advised the gas company is blasting and just had one that shook her house and she had things fall, requests officer to check for damages, Rt. 201.

7:32: Extra patrol: Thealka Park.

8:16: Domestic complaint: Advised her sister-in-law came to her residence and advised her brother assaulted her earlier; advised he is in the driveway in a black Chevy, Rt. 1750.

9:46: Shoplifting: Advised they have a female there at the GM entrance that tried to walk out with stuff, N. Mayo Trail.

11:11: Advised someone threw a rock earlier and it hit his trailer and then possibly threw a can, requests officer come by the residence, Rt. 1559.

11:16: Accident, no injuries: Vehicle over hill at the mouth of Possum Hollow.

11:27: Extra patrol: Advised her daughter is cleaning houses and advised she saw a male subject the other night, Triple Crown Subdivision.

11:52: Extra patrol: Advised someone tried to break into her daughter's apartment and they have thrown rocks at the windows, request extra patrol, Combs Drive.

Friday, Jan. 25

5:10 a.m.: Advised the tracks at Thelma have been blocked for over an hour, Thelma Lake Drive.

7:02: Gas drive-off: APPCO, $57.06, 2003 Ford F-150 traveling toward Paintsville.

8:29: Criminal mischief: Request officer in reference to someone has slashed her tires sometime last date, Dixie Drive.

10:29: Reckless driving complaint: White Mitsubishi all over roadway, U.S. 23 S.

2:31 p.m.: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 201.

4:39: Advised two subjects came to his residence and threatened him and kicked his truck and put a dent in it, Webb Branch.

4:50: Fight in progress: Learning Tree preschool, Third Street.

5:52: Animal complaint: Advised of horse in road, top of Two-Mile Hill.

6:25: Advised her 16-year-old son and her husband is being mean to her mother, request officer go talk to them, Woodland Drive.

7:38: Reckless driving complaint: Advised a gray mini-van had went up the off ramp to get on 23 and did a U-turn and about hit a vehicle on Rt. 321, vehicle now going up to Wal-Mart, BP.

7:46: Reckless driving complaint: Advised a silver mini-van is all over the roadway headed toward Paintsville, Rt. 321.

7:46: Advised his wife broke into the residence he was moving into, Witten Lane.

7:56: Advised she was making a deposit and the money got stuck, BB&T Bank.

9:01: Reckless driving complaint: UPS overnight truck, U.S. 23 N.

10:39: Suspicious person/vehicle: Advised of suspicious dark-colored vehicle at the bookstore, has been there for an hour, Bookstore at Rt. 1107.

10:56: Extra patrol: Advised there is someone walking toward River, requests extra patrol, Rt. 581.

11:57: Extra patrol request: Advised there was a vehicle pulled up beside 10-4 Electronics building and another in the parking lot with 7-8 people standing next to the vehicle by the building, U.S. 23 N.

Saturday, Jan. 26

12:57 a.m.: Prowler complaint: Advised she heard someone outside, Falls Road.

1:30: Prowler complaint: Advised there was someone peeping in his windows, advised this has been happening a lot lately with other neighbors also, Rose Street.

2:20: Fight in progress: Advised there was a fight in the yard at apartments, Sixth Street.

2:42: Advised female at residence is intoxicated and there are three children in the residence, Albert Horne Road.

3:18: Information call: Advised the Boons Camp side of Two-Mile was very slick, Rt. 40.

8:22: Subject requests officer call: Advised there's a horse in his yard and doesn't know where it came from, Dogwood Fork.

9:06: Fire: Fourth Street.

10:16: Burglary in progress: Williams Creek Road.

10:38: Advised a vehicle had lost it's wheel and hit their building breaking the block and knocking the clock off the wall, Nitro Security.

12:58 p.m.: Accident, no injuries: H&R Block.

3:24: Advised there are two men at her residence and they are beating down her door, Falls Road.

4:52: Theft of vehicle: Advised a girl stayed with him last night and she took off with his truck, Asa Creek.

5:33: Reckless driving complaint: Small white van going about 80 mph around Hilltop Market zigzagging in and out of traffic, has a small TV in the back, U.S. 23 S.

5:48: Subject requests officer call: Husband took off with tax return money which was on an H&R Block card, wanted to know what she could do to get her half, Staffordsville area.

6:45: Advised someone hit his aunt's porch with their vehicle and threatened to come after him, F.M. Stafford Ave.

7:39: Animal complaint: Advised there was a small black pup some people in the apartments put outside with no shelter from the cold, Paradise Apts.

8:43: Reckless driving complaint: Female in a black extended cab S-10.

8:48: Theft of vehicle: Advised their vehicle was stolen from Bob Evans about four hours ago, will be an orange Mustang.

9:09: Drug complaint: Stone Coal Road.

9:16: Domestic complaint: Advised he asked a female subject to leave several times and she won't, requests an officer remove her from the residence, Kimbler Lane.

9:45: Advised four males and three females were causing a disturbance in the store, Wal-Mart.

9:45: Advised there was a vehicle on Rt. 40 heading toward Johnson County shooting out of the vehicle, Magoffin County.

10:17: Reckless driving complaint: White Chevy Blazer shot around him and another vehicle doing about 90 mph heading toward town from Van Lear area of 321.

10:21: Information call: Advised a copper-colored Blazer was flashing blue lights at him and he pulled off at Paintsville school and vehicle went around him, didn't think it was an officer, Rt. 40 W.

Sunday, Jan. 27

10:35 a.m.: Accident with injuries: Plaza.

10:36: Attempt to locate: Red Sonoma just turned onto 825 with a child standing in the seat not restrained at all.

12:29 p.m.: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 825.

1:31: Burglary, unknown when: Little Mud Lick Road.

5:24: Accident, no injuries: Lewis Branch.

5:55: Reckless driving complaint: Advised a maroon Impala almost hit him and he was walking on the sidewalk around the RC Plant area.

6:33: Drug complaint: Little Mud Lick.

6:41: Brush fire: Short Branch area, Rt. 40 E.

9:30: Information call: Advised they have a female that was involved in an ATV accident on private property, just need it reported, James S. Trimble Blvd.

10:18: Advised there was a strange smell outside that takes your breath, advised it was stronger in the back o f the house, Peach Street.

10:33: Extra patrol: Advised that someone threw something out of a vehicle and hit their house, Buffalo Creek.

4:33: Accident, no injuries: Third street before intersection.

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