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Piper's Pause

02/01/2008 - by Piper LaRue

(Transcribed by the Lawrence County Humane Society)

Welcome to 2008 all my canine, feline and human kind friends. I am Piper LaRue, and this is my new column. I am new to the writing gig, but hope to get to know all of you in this new coming year. I am a friend of the Lawrence County Animal Shelter that is run by the Lawrence County Humane Society. I am a five-year-old black and tan "tweenie" dachshund that my momma rescued from a pet shop where I was very sick. She nursed me back to health, and I've been her sidekick ever since.

Christmas was a real event at our house this year. All the boxes, the paper, the toys, the people, the decorations. It was very tempting to eat and chew everything in sight. I only managed to grab one homemade salt dough ornament to nibble on, much to Momma's dismay. I must tell you, she was NOT happy when I threw up on her kitchen floor. Momma was nice about it, though, and hopes I've "learned my lesson," whatever that means.

It's getting cold outside, and winter is a hard time for outside dogs and cats. They can freeze to death in the cold temperatures if they aren't given fresh water, food and a warm place to sleep at night. Dog houses are great for dogs and cats to sleep in at night, and they love to have old blankets or old towels to snuggle down in, and if you'll drape a tarp, blanket or towel over the door, it will keep it nice and cozy in there for your friends.

If you visit our Web site — — you can see all my friends that are living at the shelter right now. I know they'd love to meet someone special to live with them in a forever home. If you think you might be interested in meeting someone at the shelter, please call them. They'd love to have you visit. The shelter is a wonderful place to stay until my friends find a new home. They have food, water, and a warm place to sleep. They have people who come visit them and play with them. The shelter is what the humans call a "non-profit organization" and run completely on donations from people like you, who love animals and want to see them loved in return.

The shelter is always in need of donations. Money is especially helpful, as the shelter still has to pay the bills. The shelter also has a "Wish List" of items that can be donated to them. You don't have to make a special trip to the store, just grabbing something extra while you're already there is a great help. The shelter's Wish List includes every day cleaning items such as paper towels, dishwasher detergent, Pine Sol (or other floor cleaner), Glad Sure Flex Garbage Bags, Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent Powders, toilet paper, latex gloves (sizes large and medium) and they quickly go through mops (both sponge and rag) and brooms. The animals also need items for their care, such as non-clumping cat litter, kitten food, puppy food (they currently have a source for adult cat and dog food), dog biscuits (all dogs need treats), rawhide bones (better to chew than your shoes), any kind of dog or cat treats, and all dogs and cats need toys. The shelter has a wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Mark Ratliff, who gives the shelter a great deal of his time. The shelter needs medications for the animals that are sick, such as Clavamox (unmixed please), eye ointment, eye wash (saline solution), ear wash, and 3cc medicine syringes (new). Many of the dogs and cats that come into the shelter are in poor health and need to see Dr. Mark. Other medicines for the animals are on an "as needed basis," meaning we don't know what they need till Dr. Mark tells us.

If you'd like to make a donation, you can visit our Web site at and use PayPal to donate money or drop something in the mail to Lawrence County Animal Shelter, P.O. Box 1331, Louisa, KY 41230, or you can contact the shelter to drop items off to them. You can call the shelter number at 606-673-4509 to let them know you're bringing something from their Wish List. Connie and Sheila are happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Please remember to hug your animals every day, and treat them as they treat you, with love, dignity and respect. Till next time. Piper LaRue over and out.

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