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Property Transfers

02/06/2008 - Floyd County

To Ronald R. Adams from Jason M. Adams.

To Eastern Properties, Inc. from Kay and Phillip Allen.

To Consolidated Health Systems, Inc. from Betty and John Bays, Jr.

To Bill Branham, et al from Johnny W. Burke, Sr.

To Community Trust Bank from Master Commissioner for Michael Christian, et al.

To Doug Hyden, II, from CIT Group/Consumer Finance.

To Secretary of HUD from Master Commissioner for Community Trust Bank, Inc.

To Consolidated Health Systems, Inc. from Geneva Cox.

To Steven F. and Teresa Adkins from Michael D. and Shelly A. Crisp.

To Janice and Teddy R. Akers from Kathy and Herbert Deskins, Jr.

To Bull Creek Coal Corp. from Floyd Co. Fiscal Court

To Katherine L. Hale from Barbara and George N. Hale.

To Ben Hicks from Adam and Jennifer Hicks.

To Crystal and Bradley Moore from Dahlia S. and Ray Jones.

To Randall Calhoun from Amy C. Kelnoffer.

To Paul Nesbitt from Ann R. Latta.

To Robert Lee, Jr. from Mary O. Lee.

To Connie and James Hoover from William Marshall.

To John P. and Sherree M. Wright from Jeanie and John M. Mullins.

To Kathi Caudill, et al from Julius Mullins.

To Kylie P. Hall from Ratha Mullins.

To Jonathan Newsome from Jonah Newsome.

To Jonah Newsome from Jonathan Newsome.

To Curtis and Emily R. Webb from Lowell and Mary Samons.

To Deveada K. and Leslie Williams from Leslie J. and Maranda Williams.

To Jeanie and John M. Mullins from John P. and Sherree Wright.


Martin County

To Janice Robinson from Julie Robinson and Joyce Runyon and Richard Runyon.

To Glen Penix and Josie Penix from Edwin Cornett and Frances T. Cornett; John Duty and Anna Lee Slone Duty; Ellis Ray Cornett and Glenna Cornett; Hobert Ray Mills and Lana Gay Mills and Debra Hott.

To Danny Richard Mooney from Vicky Lynn Mooney.

To Dave Jude and Avonell Jude from Alice Jude Slone and Hattie Jude Slone.

To Dave Jude and Avonell Jude from Chalice Lee Slone and David Harrison Slone and Alice Jude Slone.

To Dave Jude and Avonell Jude from David Mitchell Jude and Rosalie Jude and Kimberly Michelle Jude.

To Lonnie Ratliff from Lonnie Michael Ratliff and Sandra Ratliff.

To Dennis Lee Moore and Patricia Lou Moore from George Gary Harmon and Sylvia Harmon; Angela Greer and Dennis Greer; George Gary Harmon Jr. and Kelly Harmon; Brenton Mitchell Harmon and Amanda Harmon.

To William Robert Howell and Haley from Billy J. Adkins and Judy Adkins.

To Jackie Scott Jr. and Alice Scott from Charles Copeland and Deborah Copeland.

To Mitchell Moore from Flora Moore.

To Danny Mooney and Doris Mooney from Sue McClure.

To Allen Parsley from Eden West.

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