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Johnson County 911 Report

02/06/2008 - Monday, Jan. 28

4:33 a.m.: Accident, no injuries: Third Rd St before intersection.

6:14: Suspicious person/vehicle: Old S.O. with the doors open.

8:32: Advised there is a tractor-trailer sitting in the northbound lane, advised he is headed south, U.S. 23.

10:22: Extra patrol: Possum Hollow.

12:24 p.m.: DUI complaint: Advised a little black car left Speedway headed toward Prestonsburg, advised two female occupants smoking pot, S. Mayo Trail.

1:42: Advised they have a male outside causing a ruckus, advised he is doing a little bit of everything, Main Street.

2:15: Accident, no injuries: Intersection at McDonald's.

2:54: Animal complaint: Advised he had a horse show up on his property.

3:12: Reckless driving complaint: Advised of reckless driver in a maroon Chevy Blazer; all over roadway, Rt. 23.

3:50: Animal complaint: Advised of a mule and a horse that have not been fed or anything for a while, off Rt. 1092 going toward Keaton.

4:10: Shoplifting: Request officer in reference to a shoplifter running across parking lot at Kmart.

5:09: Theft complaint: Reference to loaning his cell phone to a female and she has been gone over an hour with it, Mayo Plaza.

5:44: Fire: Advised of transformer on fire on Cross Creek.

6:53: Harassment complaint: Reference to her son-in-law making threats toward her husband, Rt. 1750.

7:29: Advised someone took a puppy out of his vehicle, requests to speak with officer.

7:48: Advised of a child on a bike riding beside the roadway just past Stonecoal Road, afraid he's going to get hit, Rt. 172.

8:45: Advised a male subject was trying to break in on his parents, subject is intoxicated, N. Burglar Hollow.

9:17: Advised of intoxicated subject in a red Chevy truck, turned onto Rt. 23 by Martin's Peterbilt.

10:37: Request officer in reference to someone is walking around the residence where she is sitting with a lady, also advised someone was in her truck and around her daughter's residence, also, Rt. 581.

Tuesday, Jan. 29

9:56 a.m.: Fire: Advised of structure fire, Bent Branch.

11:24: Criminal mischief: Request officer in reference to a juvenile took a ball bat and hit her van, Sixth Street.

12:49 p.m.: Fight in progress: Request officer in reference to a male subject chasing another male subject with a baseball bat, Rt. 302.

2:10: Advised of subject in a red Dodge truck in the parking lot drinking, Ponderosa Drive.

3:39: Shoplifting: Dollar General Store, Broadway Street.

4:18: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 40, Preston Estates.

5:12: Attempt to locate: Two-tone blue Caravan with wood on the side, reference to open container in vehicle, Rt. 201 toward Rt. 23.

5:31: Reference to threats, Premiere Motor Sales.

6:14: Extra patrol: Advised a blue Chevy 4x4 has been following her, request officer, Mill Street.

6:50: Caller requests to speak with an officer about getting an EPO on his girlfriend, Rt. 302.

8:56: Accident, no injuries: In front of Town and Country.

9:24: PBH called in reference to a subject that wrecked out at Flat Gap, the E.R. staff request an officer speaks with him, James S. Trimble Blvd.

9:49: Advised of a dead deer in the road on Rt. 40 E.

11:35: Advised of power lines down, request AEP be contacted, Ward Branch.

11:41: Road hazard: Advised there was a tree down, road is blocked, Rt. 2040.

11:45: Advised of a large tree limb in the road on Ky. 201 around Dale's Taxidermy.

11:49: Fire: Tree on fire behind the house next door, Rt. 40 E.

Wednesday, Jan. 30

12:16 a.m.: Advised of power line down at Millers Creek, advised a tree fell across the line in his yard.

1:07: Road hazard: Advised there was a tree blocking the road in front of her house, Rt. 689.

1:24: Road hazard: Advised of a tree in the road 1/2 mile past Bmart in a curve, Rt. 201.

1:26: Power outage: Caller wanted us to notify AEP that the power is out in the area, U.S. 23 N.

1:38: Person with gun or knife: Advised her husband had a gun in the residence, Euclid Ave.

2:46: Road hazard: Advised of a tree blocking the road, Middle Fork.

2:50: Road hazard: Tree in road at Jim Conley's Wrecker Service.

4:27: Power outage: Castle Drive.

4:33: Advised there was a power line almost touching the ground 4 1/2 miles up Ky. Rt. 993.

4:46: Fire: Tanker only, from River F.D. and W.R. F.D., Lost Creek Road, Lawrence Co.

5:38: Road hazard: Trees in roadway, road blocked,

5:39: Road hazard: Several trees in the roadway past the Rockhouse Church.

6:24:Road hazard: Advised there were several trees in the roadway in the area of #4 hill in Van Lear.

8:00: Information call: Request someone check on some lines hanging down by the roadway around the Baker Branch area on the 581 side.

8:45: Information call: Request AEP be contacted in reference to a tree is in the power lines, Rt. 2039.

10:08: Assault: Paintsville Housing Authority.

11:51: Theft complaint: Buckingham Ave.

12:47 p.m.: Advised a tree is blocking the road, Main Street/Big Sandy Drug.

12:57: Drug complaint: Advised of maroon Blazer with tinted windows occupied by two males traveling Rt. 460 or Rt. 40, Mayo Plaza.

2:03: Information call: Advised location of subject with warrants.

5:11: Vehicle sitting beside the road on Rainbow Homes with his head on the steering wheel, Starfire Hill.

5:39: Burglary, unknown when: Advised her trailer has been broken into and items and meds are missing, Lively Lane.

6:02: Extra patrol: Thelma area.

7:55: Theft complaint: Advised a male subject has stolen her property at Rt. 302.

8:41: Extra patrol: Broadway Street.

9:05: Road hazard: Rt. 1107.

9:43: Reckless driving complaint: Advised of a red Dodge Dakota driving very fast in and out of Millers Creek of Van Lear; advised vehicle was stopping and squealing tires.

10:26: Extra patrol: Thealka Park.

10:36: Extra patrol: Main Street.

Thursday, Jan. 31

12:25 a.m.: Loud music/noise complaint: Advised subjects were being loud and keeping him awake, Martin Childers Drive.

8:17: Reckless driving complaint: Advised of Mack truck that ran female off the roadway, has equipment in the back of it, traveling toward Lawrence Co.

9:30: Accident, no injuries: In front of Detention Center, Third Street.

12:03 p.m.: Request officer in reference to a male subject was supposed to be en route to his residence to tear it up, Rt. 201.

12:12: Shoplifting: Dollar General Store.

1:34: Accident, no injuries: Advised of single rollover, roadway blocked, Rt. 1428.

1:59: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 302 before # 1 hollow.

4:30: Road hazard: Rt. 40 W. before Rt. 825.

4:53: Fire: Frank Street.

7:11: Advised two vehicles had her blocked in and she couldn't leave, Johnson Central High School.

7:17: Reckless driving complaint: Advised a red Chevy Blazer almost hit them, Mayo Plaza.

8:02: Subject requests officer call: Reference to subjects vandalizing her vehicle, Buckingham Ave.

8:58: Extra patrol: Hammond/Whitehouse area.

11:24: Subject requests officer call: Reference to people burning every night and the stuff they are burning, Meally.

Friday, Feb. 1

2:31 a.m.: Extra patrol: Mayo Plaza.

4:20: Advised an under age juvenile is driving a gray Chevy Lumina with temp tags, en route to Hargus in Oil Springs, Rt. 172.

5:05: Information call: Advised areas of Puncheon Creek are solid ice.

5:56: Information call: Joes Creek Hill is a solid sheet of ice.

7:58: Criminal mischief: Request officer in reference to someone has done damage to his property sometime last date, Rt. 1750.

8:28: Request officer in reference to a gray Ford Ranger parked in the middle of the roadway where nobody can get through, request officer to ask them to move so traffic can get through, Silk Stocking Road.

8:39: Advised of female running across her yard screaming for help just past the school on the left, Rt. 689 E.

9:22: Fire: Advised of smoke coming from a transformer at the mouth of Greenrock by the roadway, Rt. 825.

10:26: Accident, no injuries: Three-car accident in front of Rainbow Homes, Rt. 321 S.

10:49: Advised the gray vehicle is still sitting in the middle of the roadway, nobody can get through, Silk Stocking Road.

11:21: Theft complaint: Request officer in reference to a male subject has stolen five Dish Network receivers, Rt. 1750.

12:32 p.m.: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 1750, subject hit hillside.

12:56: Reckless driving complaint: Advised of newer black Jeep Cherokee coming down Starfire Hill approx. 90 mph, Rt. 321.

3:09: Road hazard: Advised there was a tree down on top of Whippoorwill Road, has one lane blocked.

3:09: Advised there is something going on between a gray mini-van and an older model pickup in the roadway, Rt. 40 in front of BP.

3:30: Advised will be escorting van, male subject had his leg cut off, Johnson Central.

4:45: Information call: Advised of property damage done this morning, advised the fire hydrant was hit also, Rt. 1750.

4:53: Reckless driving complaint: Green Caravan driving at a high rate of speed, also all over the roadway, U.S. 23 N.

5:30: Reckless driving complaint: Newer model black Thunderbird driving at a high rate of speed, Rt. 581.

6:03: Subject requests officer call: Request to speak with a worker about getting an EPO against her husband, advised he has been threatening her since yesterday, Rt. 201.

6:32: Road hazard: Rockslide in Martin Co., Rt. 645.

6:43: Extra patrol: C&C Tax.

6:44: Advised there was a male subject staggered out in front of her around the area of Castle Roofing, then walked over to the fence around Poor boys and sat down, Broadway Street.

6:57:Terrorism complaint: Advised her mother-in-law threatened to shoot her, Airport Road.

7:05: Extra patrol: Lindy Branch.

7:57: Road hazard: Advised a tree was blocking one lane about a mile from the Boons Camp P.O. on Rt. 1596.

8:59: Suspicious person/vehicle: Advised there is a car parked in front of her house, doesn't know who it is, Boyd Branch.

9:42: Subject requests officer call: Reference to someone stole her cell phone, Sixth Street.

Saturday, Feb. 2

1:41 a.m.: Subject requests officer call: Reference to his ex calling and harassing him and he has an EPO request, request unit contact him, Hager Hill Loop.

9:48: Drug complaint: Rt. 3, Martin Co. line.

10:58: Reckless driving complaint: Older model dirty maroon Camaro speeding, 10 miles from Johnson Co., called in from Lawrence Co.

12:32 p.m.: Advised there is a black Dodge Dynasty in the parking lot with the door open and a purse in the seat, nobody around vehicle, N. Mayo Trail.

1:13: Advised she got a washer from Rent To Own and advised she took it to get it fixed and they rented it out and now it's messed up, requests officer to come and take pictures, Baker Branch.

1:24: Reckless driving complaint: Advised a newer model gold Grand Am is all over the roadway and went off the road several times going past Kirk Law Office, U.S. 23 N.

1:52: Gas leak/strong smell: Southside Lane.

3:31: Theft complaint: Advised her daughter stole $600 from her this morning and left while she was at work, Euclid Ave.

4:28: Advised her neighbor just shot her puppy in the chest when she let it out to pee, Dicey Fork.

4:43: Accident, no injuries: Advised of a two-vehicle accident in the parking lot of Bmart, Rt. 201.

5:15: Fight in progress: Advised there are two male subjects fighting, Rt. 993.

5:49: Shoplifting: Advised they had a subject shoplifting in the store, Grandview Outlet.

6:34: Accident, no injuries: Advised a car has run into his house, Main Street.

7:29: Reference to stolen trucks, caller advised the vehicles were stolen from Floyd Co. but one is in Johnson Co.; requests unit go to where the vehicle is supposed to be.

8:16: Accident, no injuries: Four-wheeler wreck on Rt. 201.

9:03: Advised of being run off the road today and the vehicle was around Days Inn.

9:13: Reckless driving complaint: Advised a black Mustang passed him in excess of 80 mph northbound on Rt. 321.

9:43: Advised her uncle was at the residence above at her cousin's and had all his guns on him, subject has a history of threatening himself and others, Tick Vanhoose Village.

9:51: Accident, no injuries: Advised a vehicle hit the rear of her vehicle, Wal-Mart intersection.

10:10: Theft complaint: Advised her purse has been stolen, Wal-Mart.

10:16: Drug complaint: Advised the thought he saw someone trading drugs, advised he saw a baggy on the table, Bowling Alley.

10:26: Reckless driving complaint: Black and maroon pickup all over the roadway passing Storage Rentals of America, East Dorton Blvd.

Sunday, Feb. 3

1:02 a.m.: Road hazard: Advised a rock was in the middle of the road on Rt. 1559 just past the bridge.

9:33: Criminal mischief: Advised someone has vandalized the rental property they have been fixing up, request officer for report, Pine Street.

9:56: Accident with injuries: Just below the spillway around the area of the stone bridge, Rt. 40, old bridge road.

12:36 p.m.: Fire: Advised she needed a fire truck, outbuilding is on fire and it's next to her trailer, Lawrence Co.

3:58: Shots fired: Rt. 1092, unable to locate.

4:01: ATV complaint on highway: Reference to people riding a baby on a four-wheeler on Castle and Travis Drive.

4:37: Road hazard: Deer partially in roadway about 300-400 feet onto Rt. 1107 off Rt. 40.

7:16: Reference to subjects dropping off children, caller advised they spun out of the driveway and also threatened to kill her in front of the children, Rt. 2040.

7:33: Reckless driving complaint: Vehicle in the northbound lane heading southbound around the Marathon Station, U.S. 23 NB lane.

11:11: Domestic complaint: Advised he was the manager of the apartments and has had several complaints of mother and daughter fighting, Mayfair Apts.

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