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Louisa East Elem. receives VSA Arts of Kentucky Award

02/06/2008 - LOUISA — Louisa East Elementary in Lawrence County is the recipient of a $1,000 award from VSA Arts of Kentucky. The students of Louisa East will begin a project in March entitled "I Can Play the Appalachian Dulcimer" with well-known, veteran artist Jennifer Rose of Berea. Rose has worked with many people of varying ages and abilities during her countless years as an artist.

The project that the students will be doing with Rose will focus on learning the new musical skill of playing the mountain dulcimer. This in turn will broaden the students' knowledge of their own culture of Appalachia. Rowena Borders, Music Teacher and Site Coordinator, is very excited that the students will be exposed to this historical aspect of their lives by working with an actual artist whose expertise is in the arts, as well as Appalachian culture.

Thanks to the VSA Arts of Kentucky, a non-profit organization that provides opportunities in the arts for people with disabilities, all the students at Louisa East, regardless of their ability, will experience Appalachian music and culture firsthand. For more information regarding the VSA Arts of Kentucky Award for Louisa East Elementary, please contact Rowena Borders, Site Coordinator/Music Teacher, or Debra Hixson, Louisa East Elementary Principal.

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