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News from Norris

02/06/2008 - Here it is another new month, this being the second month of the New Year. Hope everyone made it through the severe cold weather without much difficulty, such as frozen water pipes, heat going off, and vehicles not starting. Maybe the cold spell will be about over. This time of the year, cold weather and snow shouldn't last too long.

Belated happy January birthday to Polly Howard, 22nd; Pearl (Estep) Moore, 23rd; Bertha Lovely, 25th; Jeremy Cordial, 26th; Junior Bryant, 26th; Dean Waddell, 26th; Harold Baldwin, 28th; Paulene Pack, 28th; Ronnie Thompson, 30th; Doris Moore, 30th; Debbie Bryant, 31st; and Jim Blevins. Hope you all have many more.

Belated happy January anniversaries to Sam and Lorene Self, 31st, 55 years; Happy 46th to Frank and Rita Copley, 31st. Hope you have many more happy years together.

Sorry to hear the death of Berlina Artrip, wife of Johnny Artrip. The family has our deepest sympathy.

Mr. and Mrs. James Young visited Loraine Edwards and Bonnie, Tuesday. They also visited Mr. and Mrs. Randall Jude, and son, Jason.

Happy Birthday to Bobby Moore, 1st; Tony Smith, 3rd; Paulene Moore, Jessie Pack, 4th, 15 years old; Logan Stambaugh, 5th, 6 years old; David Young, 4th; Paul Conner, 4th. Hope you all have many more.

Happy 40th anniversary to Bernard and Judith Ann Marcum 3rd. Hope you have many more happy years together.

Judy Boggs, Beatrice Stambaugh, and Trish Moore visited Mr. and Mrs. Roger Ross, recently. Wanda is recovering from surgery and was able to attend church over the weekend. Was good to see her at church as we missed her very much.

Get well wishes to Wesley McKinster who spent a few days in the hospital with heart problems. Hope he feels better real soon.

James Kelly Caudill is holding a revival at Spencer Freewill Baptist Church this week.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Thought of the Week: Never lose the chance of saying a kind word.

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