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Property Transfers

02/20/2008 - Floyd County

To Leah Adams from Leah Adams and Dinah Akers, et al.

To Charles F. Henson from Bernice S. and Paul W. Akers.

To Carl and Carol S.H. Johnson from Wanda Blankenship.

To Quality Natural Gas Properties, Ltd. from Everett and Margaret A. Bradley.

To Bertha Dye from Amy and Joe Burchett.

To Anthony I. and Jessica N. Conn from Madelyn S. and Stanley R. Burchett.

To Ralph Newsome from Billy J. Charles.

To Tosha Mollette from Bobby Coleman, et al.

To Cam-Kentucky Real Estate, LLC from Edward and Ollie M. Collins.

To Shonda Collins and Grant Honeycutt from Jeffery and Sherry Collins.

To Sara C. Butcher from David Cooley, et al.

To Denver Ousley from Billie L. Dudley.

To Ricky Dye and Lucy Reynolds from Monnie Dye.

To Lisa K. Elliott from Lisa K. and Mary L. Elliott, test. trust.

To Charles F. Henson from Loma Fayne Slone, et al.

To David and Mary Hall from Blanche McCown and Glenda Fraley, as guardian, et al.

To Ronald Frasure from Flossie M. Frasure.

To Steve Case and Ed Cruey from Eugene W. Hale, II.

To Byron and Lola Hamilton from Henry Hamilton, Jr.

To Clifford Hamilton, Jr. and Donahue Hamilton from Sadie Hamilton.

To L and B Oil and Gas, Inc. from George G. Hopson, et al.

To Kinhag Development Co., LLC from Ray Howard Furniture Stores, Inc.

To Howell of Penn Ave. LLC from Charlie Howell.

To John Howell from John and Jennifer Howell.

To Gail Y. Campbell, Michael and Robin Humphrey from Fern Humphrey.

To Donald R. Hunt from Candra Hunt, et al.

To Buffalo Development, Inc. from ICG Natural Resources, LLC.

To Ballard Plummer from Dicky Johnson.

To Angela K. and Jeffery Brown, et al from Margie and Andy Kiser, Jr.

To Daylio and Patricia Kiser from Margie and Andy Kiser, Jr.

To First State Bank from Lakewood, Inc.

To Avilene and Bobby Collins from Penny and Quillen Lawson.

To Quality Natural Gas Properties, Ltd. from Karen and Arthur Martin, Jr.

To Lillian C. Ramey from Denzil R. Martin.

To Merlene Dingus from Frank Martin, Jr.

To Quality Natural Gas Properties, Ltd. from Jerry and Linda Martin.

To Quality Natural Gas Properties, Ltd. from Ralph Martin.

To Hinkle Contracting Corp. from Cheryl May, et al.

To Matthew S. and Shirley Morgan from Shirley Morgan.

To Prestonsburg City Utilities Commission from Denver and Judith C. Ousley.

To Terry Ratliff from Deborah Ratliff.

To Henrietta Reffitt from Mildred M. K. Reffitt.

To David M. Stumbo from Michelle L.S. Sammons.

To Option One Mortgage Corp. from Hie and Juanita Samons.

To Brenda and Denver Shepherd from Estate of Irvin Shepherd, Sr.

To Chesapeake Appalachian, LLC from Nancy A. and Ottis Slone.

To Valerie and Wilburn Page, Jr. from Lisa Anne Spradlin.

To David W. and Shonna L. Moore from James R. and Melinda Stumbo.

To Sandra and Michael Vance, Jr. from Michael Vance.

To Sharon and Henry Setser, Jr. from Leslie and Patrick Vandiver.

To Josh Turner from John J. Vanko.


Lawrence County

To Victoria Boggs and Brenton Young from John and Rosenna Boggs.


Martin County

To David Nichols and Salena Nichols from Susan Rose Nichols.

To James Floyd Maynard and Penny Magdelene Maynard from Jackson Harless and Ada Harless.

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