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Johnson County 911 Report

02/20/2008 - Monday, Feb. 11

1:11 a.m.: Fire: Advised house was on fire, Rt. 469, Redbush.

5:36: Fire: Advised a building was on fire next to her residence, also second caller advised there was a gas tank where the fire was burning, Rt. 40 W.

11:47: Advised a male had cut his tire, also has made threats, Sixth Street.

12:58 p.m.: Juvenile complaint: Request officer in reference to his daughter is out of control, Rt. 172.

1:55: Accident, no injuries: N. Mayo Trail.

2:08: Advised a gentleman came in and wrote them two checks, advised they are stolen, Wildcat Tire.

2:11: Advised they have had a logging accident in Martin County, Rt. 645.

4:58: Subject requests officer call: Advised there were some tires stolen, request to speak with officer, Benson Truck Body.

5:01: Theft complaint: Request officer in reference to a male subject stole a JCHS hat and left the store, N. Mayo Trail.

5:56: Reckless driver: White Toyota Camry all over roadway, Depot Road.

8:01: Extra patrol: Stoney Brooke Estate.

Tuesday, Feb. 12

2:24 a.m.: Advised he could hear a car alarm going off on the strip job, #34 Van Lear.

9:42: Request officer in reference to having bad checks on two subjects at the store, N. Mayo Trail.

12:14 p.m.: Advised of deer in the ditch and its still alive, request officer to put the animal down, Rt. 40 E, Williamsport.

2:12: Advised a male subject was causing a disturbance at the Spot Free Car Wash.

2:47: Request officer in reference to a white Chevy truck parked beside of the roadway, nobody around it, and it's partially out in the roadway, Brown Branch.

3:24: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 40 E, KSP on scene.

5:20: Request officer to make a report on damages done to vehicle, advised shingles coming from building across the street, Daisy Street.

9:18: Reckless driving complaint: Advised a white Mustang with black stripes was going through the plaza burning tires, Mayo Plaza.

10:24: Advised her 15-year-old daughter was in a vehicle with two males and another female possibly on their way to get drugs, Ross Creek.

Wednesday, Feb. 13

4:40 a.m.: Assault: Request officer in reference to a male subject in the E.R. that was assaulted by his girlfriend, James S. Trimble Blvd.

5:10: Information call: Wanted to report that Starfire Hill was icy.

5:46: Fire: Advised the house next to hers was on fire, Floyd County advised that Auxier F.D. was also en route, Rt. 1100.

8:11: Accident, no injuries: Advised a male subject was involved in an accident earlier this date, request officer for report, James S. Trimble Blvd.

8:25: Accident with injuries: Advised of accident in Martin County, transferred call to Post.

12:12 p.m.: Reckless driving complaint: Lawrence County 911 advised a Black Diamond coal truck is throwing coal and traveling between both lanes and ran a female subject onto the side f the road,

1:02: Request officer to PHS in reference to some male subjects causing trouble, Paintsville High School.

1:38: Accident, no injuries: Two-vehicle, Wal-Mart parking lot.

2:29: Reckless driving complaint: Lawrence County 911 advised of two coal trucks traveling southbound at 85 mph, last seen going by Danco Fuels.

4:29: Advised a blue Ford Ranger with expired tags and no insurance around the Wendy's area.

4:58: Drug complaint: S. Mayo Trail.

7:47: Road hazard: Advised that Two-Mile Hill, Boons Camp side is getting slick.

9:10: Advised he found a piece of copper as big around as his arm and about 15-16 feet long, Hidden Valley Road.

11:54: Attempt to locate: Advised a male subject that was in the E.R. in reference to a mental evaluation had left PBH, unknown direction of travel, wearing a black jacket.

Thursday, Feb. 14

5:49 a.m.: DUI complaint: Female in blue full-size truck in front of the store, possibly intoxicated, Hilltop Market.

6:36: Advised be on the lookout for a white Outlander SUV taken from the residence by foster child, Magoffin County.

9:11: Accident with injuries: Rt. 3, past Stoney Brook.

10:53: Hit and run: Advised another vehicle hit his and then left, N. Mayo Trail.

11:06: Accident, no injuries: Ponderosa Drive.

1:22 p.m.: Advised of waterline broke in front of Big Sandy Superstore; water coming up through the manholes, N. Mayo Trail.

2:47: Advised there was a water company putting in a water line up Middle Fork and they have no flag man to direct traffic, Middle Fork.

4:30: Harassment complaint: Advised a 14-year-old male had been threatening her son, Court Street.

5:37: Attempt to locate: Dispatcher advised a black Corolla had been involved in a shoplifting at Family Foods, unknown amount stolen, Lawrence County 911.

6:19: Gas drive-off: Davis Produce.

7:22: DUI complaint: Advised a male subject is driving intoxicated in a white Lumina with tinted windows, Thelma area.

7:31: Assault: Advised a male subject took a club to another male subject who is at his residence bleeding, requests law enforcement, Riverdale Drive.

8:12: DUI complaint: Advised a small pickup with a tail light broken or just a bulb glowing, driver possibly intoxicated headed toward U.S. 23, Rt. 825.

9:13: Reckless driving complaint; Blue S-10 driving reckless in parking lot, Johnson Central.

11:53: Fight in progress: Advised 2-3 males fighting, advised they are screaming and yelling that they are going to kill each other, Riverdale Drive.

Friday, Feb. 15

4:03 a.m.: Accident, no injuries: Advised he had hit a deer around the Sitka P.O. on Rt. 201.

6:58: Accident, no injuries: Sonic truck driver took awning down, N. Mayo Trail.

11:01: Advised someone has shot paintballs at his house and removed his window screen, requests officer for report, James Bayes Road.

11:09: Search warrant: Reference to possible narcotics dealer, Rt. 40 W.

3:22 p.m.: Advised a white truck on Van Lear strip job dumping waste, advised truck had Tony Septic Service written on the side, Webb's Grocery.

5:34: Fight in progress: N. Burglar Hollow.

7:05: Advised her daughter had been involved in a domestic this date, request officer check on her, West Van Lear.

8:23: Advised there is someone riding a horse and there is a truck rig behind it with flashers on, Rt. 40 W.

8:30: Reckless driving complaint: Red Toyota doing donuts in the parking lot, almost hit somebody, Mayo Plaza.

10:39: Advised there are some people behind the Arby's sign sniffing paint.

Saturday, Feb. 16

12:57 a.m.: Suspicious person/vehicle: Several cars in the parking lot of the book store, people in parking lot also, Rt. 302.

2:05: Loud music/noise complaint: Advised they drove by and there was a white car and people getting out of it yelling and making a lot of noise, Rt. 302.

2:43: Fire: Advised there was a house on fire and flames coming through the roof, Rt. 40 W.

7:59: Fire: Back en route to rekindled structure fire, Rt. 40 W.

9:49: Accident with injuries: Single vehicle hit guardrail, U.S. 23/825.

12:22 p.m.: Advised they had reported a cell phone stolen and the person that has it won't give it back, Little Caesar's.

12:49: Fire: Rt. 40.

1:00: Accident, no injuries: Tobacco Depot.

1:50: Advised there is a bunch of people in her ex's residence while he is at work, S. Clay Ave.

2:59: Trespassing complaint: Advised subject has entered his property without permission, request officer contact, Blanton Branch.

3:43: Subject requests officer call: Request officer contact in reference to people in her rental property destroying it, Rt. 302.

4:13: Advised location of subject with warrants.

4:50: Subject requests officer call: Reference to male subject has her stuff in his residence and won't return it to her, also advised there is a meth cooker in residence and selling drugs from residence, S. Clay Ave.

5:10: Reckless driving complaint: Reference to motorcycle traveling at high rate of speed on Cave Fork, request officer to patrol area, K Fork.

7:55: Fire: Advised an abandoned house is on fire, black smoke showing, S. Buckingham Ave.

8:01: Information call: Reference to structure fire, advised flames were showing and the trees on fire, very close to another residence, S. Buckingham Ave.

8:29: Reckless driving complaint: Advised two females in a newer model black Mustang almost hit him and his kids, request officer's assistance.

11:24: Reckless driving complaint: Green S-10 in area of McDonald's.

Sunday, Feb. 17

2:05 a.m.: Extra patrol: Reference to someone calling and harassing him, Bob's Branch.

3:05: Fire: Reference to fire last date, residence is on fire again, Rt. 40 W.

10:50: Advised someone is riding a four-wheeler up and down Williams Branch and had tried to grab her nine-year-old daughter, Perry Vanhoose Apts.

12:12 p.m.: Advised he was involved in an altercation with his father, advised his father pulled a rusty blade on him and he took off down Rt. 40 east toward town, Chet Tackett Hollow.

1:01: DUI complaint: Advised of male subject sitting in a white Fork pickup and he is drunk and blowing the horn at anyone who walks by, N. Mayo Trail.

1:53: Advised there was a male walking and he fell over then got back up and is staggering, Rt. 40.

2:53: Wants male removed, advised his whole family is threatening her, Rt. 689 E.

3:54: Theft complaint: DD Trucking lot beside Hilltop.

4:41: Ecology complaint: Fitch Branch.

4:47: Road hazard: Rt. 689.

5:11: Accident, no injuries: Mandarin House, Rt. 321.

6:55: Accident, no injuries: Budget Inn.

11:28: Suspicious individual on scene: Request officer in reference to two males around this residence, Rt. 581.

11:33: Animal complaint: Advised there was a horse in the roadway halfway up Barnett's Creek Road.

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