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Just call me American

02/20/2008 - There have been so many things happen lately that make me scratch my head and think far too much. One of those issues is the political warfare we have seen regarding the Presidential nominees. To be honest, our options really scare me. I also have to add that I believe that women are just as capable as men and that we have earned the right to run for President — and to win if the correct woman is running. Nonetheless, one Clinton in the White House was way too much for me thank you. I won't press the republican issue; it appears that we have chosen McCain on the republican front (in spite of his age). Nothing against age, wisdom comes with age; however, staying power needs to be addressed when choosing a Presidential nominee. All we can hope for is that McCain will have a sensible running mate to be the VP if something happens to him should he be elected.

It is interesting really, to see Obama and Clinton running against one another. They are both playing trump cards but swearing that they are not. Sex, race, skin color ... I fully believe that none of these things should matter. The fact is that a person's character and personality speak for themselves. Also, we have to remember, yet again, that we are Americans. We are all Americans. Remember that our forefathers came from a very diverse group of individuals to fight for the right of freedom. However, they formed a very different nation than what we see today. Our country has seen many struggles, wars, and battles that have brought us to this United States of America we know today.

My concern is that we are too sensitive regarding the battles that occurred and the things that happened to bring us to this new world. Being the caring individuals that we are, we Americans tend to worry about correcting any wrong toward individuals. While correcting wrongs is a good thing, taking it upon the shoulders of today's nation to correct wrongs from hundreds of years ago, well, it's wrong. Americans need to stop worrying about what our ancestors did to bring us to this place in time and just be thankful that we have such a wonderful nation in which to live. A nation where our brother and sister Americans can work elbow to elbow with us to make this nation better for our children. It is time to let go of the fight for equality for any one individual race, sex, or skin color and just accept the fact that we are equal, you and I. Let's treat everyone the same and accept the fact that freedom didn't come without costs. I guess what I am saying is let by-gones be by-gones. Let's learn from the past, but leave the past in the past. Let's use what we learn to move forward, treating one another as equals. Again, let's leave the past in the past.

As most of you know, this month is Black History Month. Why? My husband and I had lunch with very dear friends of ours whose last name happens to be Moralez. Moralez, in my mind, is an American name. However, some individuals refer to them as Hispanic Americans. We discussed this during lunch and Roberto told us that he hates it when people call him that because he is not a Hispanic American, he is an American. Powerful statement if you ask me. African American, Hispanic American ... what is wrong with us? We are so very sensitive about not being racist or biased to any ethnicity don't we think that it is time that we drop all the titles and just call all United States citizens Americans? How can you go wrong with that? As I have said before, let's just all be American!

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