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News from Asa, Norris

02/20/2008 - Asa

by Elaine Brown

We are glad to hear Ginny Brown of Medway, Ohio, is home from the hospital. She had pneumonia.

Ken Caudill is also home from the hospital, where he had surgery. Michael Baldwin has been very sick with pneumonia.

Congratulations to Carole and Roger Caudill and Shelia and Danny Pierson of Medway on their wedding anniversaries.

Happy birthdays to Zuetta Scott, Ann Baldwin, Loraine Harris, Brian Baldwin, Ehtan Spradlin, Joe Scott, Jeannetta Grant, and Renetta Spradlin.

Chris Harless has been visiting John Scott.

Dalmos and Sue Blair visited Gene and Fern May Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Scott and John, of Sitka; Mr. and Mrs. David Baldwin, Barbara Thomas, and Courtney Blair visited Mr. and Mrs. Roger Caudill on Sunday. Pam Baldwin and grandson, Logan Frazier, visited Elaine Brown Thursday evening.

Jeff and Cindy Scott and John, called on Ervin and Courtney Blair Monday evening.

Hannah Scott called on Zuetta Scott, Courtney Blair, and Elaine Brown Saturday morning.

Tammy Blair and granddaughters, Christena and Cheyene, of Boons Camp, visited Drew and Betty Blair Saturday afternoon.

Roger and Carole Caudill and Barbara Thomas visited Ervin and Courtney Blair Friday evening. They also visited Zuetta Scott.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Rogan and little grandson, Elijah, of Urbana, Ohio, were the Saturday night guests of Mr. and Mrs. David Baldwin and Peggy. Peggy returned home with them on Sunday.

David and Pam Baldwin visited her brother, Jeff Scott and family at Sitka, Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Frazier and son, Logan, of Flat Gap; and Mr. and Mrs. Brian Baldwin, of Nippa; went to Morehead Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Rick O'Bryan of Winchester visited his brother, Randall O'Bryan and family Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Frazier and son, Logan; and Mr. and Mrs. Brian Baldwin were the Saturday morning breakfast guests of David and Pam Baldwin.

Congratulations to Donnie and Andrea Bennett of Lower Twin Branch on the birth of their baby boy, Logan Michael.

Very sorry to hear of the death of William Bill Baldridge of East Point.

Justin Blair and Katie Burchett of Richmond visited his dad, Drew Blair and Betty, Sunday.

David, Larry, and Terry Baldwin, left Wednesday morning for Massachusetts where they will be working.


by Darlene Jude

Hope everyone survived the severe winds we've been having, without any major damage. Away from here other people have had their homes destroyed. This month seems more like March, with the strong winds.

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Jude called on Judy Harless and sons, Tyler and Travis, recently.

Sorry to hear of the death of Lola Adkins. She was the mother of Betty Childers, wife of Paul Childers, of Ohio. Also sorry to hear of the death of Virginia Sammons, my third grade teacher. I really loved her, as she was so nice. Also the death of Kenneth C. Daniels, Sr., the father of Robert and Ernie Daniels, whom I went to school with. These families have our deepest sympathy.

Happy belated birthday to Missy Thompson, 8th; Glenn Farley, 12th; Greg Caskety, 9th, 30 years old; Stephanie Stambaugh, 10th; Kay Swafford, 15th; Beatrice Stambaugh, 16th; Roger Ross, 16th; Randy Spurlock, l7th; Elizabeth Dixon, 17th; Eugene Bryant, 17; Truman Hayes, 18th; Lucien Keeton, 19th. Hope you all have many more.

Happy belated anniversary to Brian and Tammy Thompson, 14 years, 12th; Happy 41st to Ralph and Patty Bryant; Happy 51st to Pete and Charlotte Rice, 11th; and Happy 34th anniversary to Lloyd and Doris Jean Moore, 14th;. Happy 31st anniversary to Junior and Debbie Bryant, 16th; Happy 28th to Ronnie and Virginia Thompson, 17th; Happy anniversary to Jobie and Donna Thompson, 19th. Hope you all have many more happy years together.

Get well wishes to Maxine Childers, who had surgery and is home recovering, and to Brenda Swafford, who also had surgery, also Homer Lee Smith, of Inez, had back surgery. We hope they improve each and every day.

Thought of the Week: He who is not grateful for the things he has, would not be happy with what he wishes he had.

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