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Nicole and Tom are still the 'buzz'

02/29/2008 - HOLLYWOOD ... Billy Bob Thornton joins the cast of "Duplicity." Clive Owen and Julia Roberts already are set to shoot this story about longtime lovers who are spies and team to pull off an elaborate con. In real life, Billy Bob, former spouse to Angelina, is somewhat of a "way outer." One of my friends, who was once his agent, tells this story: Billy Bob is quite suspicious. He had the idea that my friend and her partner were his good-luck charms. So every time he was up for some kind of an award, he would first meet with them, touch their arms and then take off for the ceremony. Sometimes he won. Sometimes he didn't.

Buzz around town is still about Nicole and Tom. When they were married, they tried hard for kids. No go. So they adopted. Then came divorce, and each, as you know, paired with others. Tom had Suri, and now Nicole waits. So, the speculations as to which one couldn't are over, and that subject is now waning.

Aside to Roberta S. of Hammond, La.: I do agree with you — Angelina Jolie most certainly does have voluptuous lips. However, I can't answer your question as to whether she ever had them injected with something, or whether they just grew that way. And I certainly am not going to ask her. However, if I do find out at any time, I will surely let you know.

Oscar season is over for this year, but if you want more, there's a new novel in the bookstalls titled "Oscar" by Mary McNamara, published by Simon and Schuster. McNamara covered the Oscar ceremonies for many years for the L.A. Times, so she knows wherefrom she writes. It's a heckuva good read about all the ins and outs and goings on, plus some fiction set in a large hotel.

In other news, rehab facilities are fast filling up. The latest to check in was Sean Young after her embarrassing episode at the Director's Guild awards show. After many too many imbibements, she began heckling Julian Schnabel from the floor, much to the annoyance of those around her and, of course, Schnabel.

Aside to Henry D. of Dallas: Certainly Robert Redford looks older. He IS older. However he's right there in the mix. After hosting his film festival, he is now set to star in and produce "A Walk in the Woods," a screen adaptation of the best-selling travelogue by Bill Bryson. In his private life, Redford is just that: very private. However, we do know his given name was Charles Robert Redford. He was born in California, and he had a child who died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. His first job was as a carpenter, and he also worked in oil fields before he became an actor.


BITS 'N' PIECES: Betcha you didn't know that George C. Scott, Gabriel Byrne, Margaret Hamilton, Ramon Novarro and Sir Michael Redgrave were all teachers before they became actors. ... Madonna is now being called "The Cash Queen of All the Music Queens." She earned $72 million in one year, beating out Babs, Celine Dion and other name warblers. ... Julie Christie is still lovely and talented, and still up there in films. And those who saw her in "Dr. Zhivago" won't forget THAT performance. ... Showbiz seems to have covered all the waters what with River Phoenix, Lake Bell and "Ocean's Eleven."

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