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Spring cleaning is in the air

02/29/2008 - by Cindy Inman

AKA "Ask Cindy How"

(MS) — As we emerge from the frost of winter and begin to dare allow ourselves to think of the renewal that spring brings, let's prepare ourselves to restore our homes as well. Of course, traditionally this is referred to as "Spring Cleaning." It's the time to begin the process of exchanging winter clothes for spring, clean out fireplaces and generally de-clutter our living space. Well, while we might not place these tasks in the category of fun and sport, if we organize the approach and the process, we can certainly minimize the pain to achieve renewed life.

Organization is critical. Remember the old saying "a stitch in time, saves nine." I recommend taking out some quality time to decide:

• what you want to accomplish

• during what time frame you want to accomplish everything

• whether you will use temporary cleaning support beyond the norm for your home

• or will you need to hire professional support

If you are considering temporary support, the most important consideration needs to be whether there will be appropriate supervision or not. I have considered using temporary employees for special projects, but have opted not to do it if I feel that I don't have adequate supervision. It can be a counterproductive experience to have someone standing around either not knowing what to do or doing the wrong thing. My Web site shares details about hiring professional help.

While you are continuing your assessment related to what is to be accomplished, another question is how detailed your cleaning will be. Usually, after smoke from the fireplace and fumes from the furnace have settled in all winter, a detailed approach is what is required. With all this in mind, my recommendation would be to section the house into separate projects over a period of time. Depending on the normal work requirements of the home, you can set-up either one or two day special spring project schedules. As a general rule, for me to have my crews detail clean an average kitchen when it has gotten away from the homeowner, it takes more than one person a few hours. To detail clean means to remove everything from the refrigerator and clean it out completely. It means to clean ovens with oven spray (yes there is oven spray for self-cleaning ovens). It also means washing and wiping down walls that have accumulated grease over the winter when more cooking occurred when the family stayed indoors.

Organizing yourself within your domain for a total spring cleaning could easily take a full day. It is also important to have the right equipment for the tasks at hand. I invite you to visit my Web site at to find tips on cleaning various areas of the home as well as what supplies, equipment and solutions to use. For instance, as you would prepare your furniture for polishing, one would use microfiber cloths as they literally draw dust and hold on to it. Next, you can polish the furniture using a new cloth. In the kitchen, you will need to use a degreaser to wipe down cabinets and counters and then rinse with water using a damp terry cloth towel. Oh yeah! I can feel the clean in the air already. Good luck and Happy Spring Cleaning.

Your friend in the cleaning industry,


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