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Did You Know?

02/29/2008 - More than 70 countries across the globe now have some form of freedom of information legislation. Such laws vary by country, but typically provide public access to government information or records. In the United States, the Freedom of Information Act became law in 1966 under then-President Lyndon Johnson. The Act was then updated with the Electronic Freedom of Information Act amendments under President Bill Clinton in 1996. While the act only applied to federal agencies, all of the states and territories have statutes requiring the disclosure of information by state and local governments. The United Kingdom enacted their own Freedom of Information Act in 2000, while Canada's Access to Information Act in 1983 allowed citizens access to government-controlled information. The trailblazer for freedom of information legislation is believed to be Sweden, who enacted their Freedom of the Press Act in 1766, though the act at that time was far more limited that the more open acts of today, including since-updated laws in Sweden.

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