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Now you can put the frequency of radio, the reach of television, the door-to-door impact of direct mail, the grab of Internet, and the POWER of PRINT to work for your company with one simple advertising decision...
The Big Sandy News is not like any other newspaper. We combine the best advertising tools offered by all other media...frequency, reach, impact, grab, POWER...into one complete package that is effective, efficient and, best of all, affordable.
Frequency: The Big Sandy News offers you mass exposure to tens of thousands of customers TWO DAYS per week in print, and DAILY online.

Reach: The Big Sandy News will DELIVER your advertising to 122,000 people/customers in FIVE Eastern Kentucky counties.

Impact: You don't get the hit and miss approach offered by radio and TV, you get GUARANTEED door-to-door, TOTAL MARKET COVERAGE.

Grab: The Big Sandy News Online is your avenue to thousands of Internet readers...and shoppers.

POWER: Print advertising is still the most effective, powerful advertising available. More people make buying decisions from print advertising than from any other form.

To advertise in either the print or online edition of The Big Sandy News, contact Becky Crum at (606) 791-0862 or e-mail For employment advertising, classified display advertising and classified word advertising, contact Kim Thomas at (606) 788-9962 or e-mail

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